Nice to meet you.

I am comfortable with being uncomfortable.
My name is Sharon Seunghye Byun, and I'm a designer pursuing Masters at VCU Brandcenter studying Experience Design.
Since I moved from South Korea at age 15 as an immigrant, "comfortable with being uncomfortable" seems to have become a theme of my life. New challenges keep coming at me, but when it stops I chase for one. After 10 years of working professionally as a graphic designer in Dallas, Texas, I have decided to go back to school to follow my desire to apply my talent in new ways in this changing world. I enjoy learning something new from each challenge, and love solving challenging design problems. On the way of my unending learning journey, I hope to design something that will make someone's day better.

Pictured above is my Korean name and I made an abstract logo out of this. After getting married and naturalized, my legal name is changed, but I am still proud of my cultural heritage. 

I started my first semester at Brandcenter as 24 week pregnant and finished with a newborn. Currently juggling between being a new mom and working on school projects for spring semester. 

My parents own a donut shop in Texas, and I helped them every weekend during my high school and college years building character and customer relationship.

I like to travel and experience and immerse in a new culture. I have traveled to 9 different countries in last 4 years. I love wandering around and sometimes I do the same thing virtually in an open world game like The Legend of Zelda. 
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